Our Story

Hopkins River Beef is a branded product of quality and consistency

The company was established in 1996 to deliver the finest beef to the customer. Since then, we have worked hard to deliver a product that is now regarded as the market’s premier beef brand.

We provide a product of quality and consistency widely used and recognised by some of Australia’s leading restaurants. Hopkins River Beef endeavours to provide maximum value to its customers with its award winning beef that is delivered on time along with offering product quality and professional service combined.

Hopkins River Pastoral Company has raised cattle amongst the graceful red gums under the picturesque Grampians at Dunkeld in the heart of Western Victoria for almost sixty years.

Hopkins River Beef has a two tiered product range that includes a grass fed and a grain fed system.

Grass Fed system: Cattle are grown and finished on rich pastures before reaching the ideal specifications for high quality grass fed beef.
Grain Fed system: Cattle are grown on rich pastures for up to 18 months before being finished on grain to complete the ideal combination of beef flavour and consistency.

At Hopkins River we pride ourselves on cattle wellbeing, care, with emphasis on their complete dietary nutritional requirements. Cattle are handled in a manner that minimises stress, which also assists eating quality.

All cattle in our production system, both grain and grass fed, are free from added hormone treatments.

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