Handling Your Product

General information on freezing meat products

Rest assured freezing beef once will not reduce the quality when defrosted. Please note that raw beef may only be frozen once. Cooking the beef and freezing it is perfectly fine. Beef should not be frozen for more than 6 months. The reasoning behind this is because frozen food begins to dry out after this amount of time.

General information on cyrovac packs (Vacuum sealed)

All Hopkins River meat products are vacuum sealed. This allows a longer shelf life and protects the meat from bacteria and dehydration. Vacuum packs maximise convenience and provide a hygienic, easily manageable product. Please be aware that upon opening the cyrovac, meat develops a confinement odour that will disappear once the meat is exposed. This odour is a natural occurrence of the meat ageing process and isn’t harmful.

Beef Handling Instructions

In vacuum packs, Hopkins River Beef can be stored safely in your refrigerator for up to 80 days from the packing date. Once you open the vacuum pack, the beef should be consumed within 3-4 days or frozen. Once your product reaches the use/freeze by date stage in the vacuum pack, the beef must be frozen. You can leave it in the vacuum pack or place it in a plastic bag when freezing.

Handling when preparing your beef

Remove your product from the freezer the night before desired time of cooking and place in the fridge during the day. By doing this it will allow the beef to thaw out fully.

Remove your product from the vacuum pack. You will notice the beef bloom to a brighter red colour as it is exposed to abundant oxygen.

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