Carbon Hoofprint

Environmentally Sustainable Farming

We as a company are focused towards all things that promote healthy aspects of agriculture. We are proactive towards our cattle and farming systems to be healthy and vibrant enabling the cattle to be raised and fed with consideration of environmental sustainability.

We have decided to venture down the path of sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on soil carbon sequestration. This allows us to store more carbon in our soils than what our production systems emit.
Cattle waste (rich in nitrogen) is captured, collected and stored. A complete compost production system is used to encourage the break down of organic matter to a standard compost before then building it up to microbial humus which is regarded as a stable living organic product.

The final product is then incorporated into the soils that the cattle graze on during their development. Organic carbon encourages soil biology and microbial life that boosts productivity, efficiency and water retention.

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