Hopkins River Beef – Short loin & Sirloin

Shortloin Sirloin
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Hopkins River Beef – Short loin & Sirloin

Sirloin steak (porterhouse, New York, boneless sirloin)

The striploin is located along the spine in the hindquarter and runs from the ribs to the rump, sitting above the tenderloin. Sirloin steaks are cut from the rump end of the striploin. The rib end of the striploin forms the large piece of beef on the t-bone steak. Located along the spine where the muscles do less work, sirloin steaks are tender and best suited to high temperature cooking such as pan-frying, barbecuing and stir-frying (when thinly sliced).


The t-shaped bone in the T-bone steak is from the back of the animal. The fillet and sirloin muscles sit on opposite sides of this t-shaped bone to form the T-bone steak. With little or not fat or connective tissue the T-bone is a quintessential Aussie steak perfect for pan-frying or barbecuing.

Grilled Hopkins River Beef sirloin with Vietnamese Salad of Banana Flower, Coriander and Roasted Peanuts with David Ricardo


250 g Hopkins River Beef, sirloin
vegetable oil
Banana Flower Salad
15 g banana blossom, finely shredded
15 g green papaya
5 g rice paddy herb
5 g coriander
5 g vietnamese mint leaves
1/4 red banana chilli
5 g shallot, finely sliced
3 g ginger, finely julienned
10 g peanuts, roasted and chopped
Salad Dressing
25 ml lime juice
30 g caster sugar
15 ml fish sauce, Vietnamese, Nouc Nahm Nhi
1/2 clove garlic, finely chopped
To Serve
1/2 bird’s eye chilli, sliced into fine rounds
1 lime cheek
1/2 tsp sea salt


1. To prepare the banana flower, strip back the outer leaves until you find leaves that are predominately a white/yellow creamish colour.
The outer leaves are generally not eaten as they are quite bitter. Save these outer leaves for garnishing.
2. Prepare a bowl of acidulated water by squeezing the juice of 1 lemon into 500ml of water. This will prevent the banana flower from turning black as it reacts with oxygen.
3. Take one of the inner white leaves of the banana flower and finely slice it across the grain. Immediately place it in the acidulated water and lightly massage it. Let it soak for approximately 10 minutes then rinse under cold running water until the water runs clear.
4. Pre-heat a grill to hot. Season the Hopkins River Beef Sirloin with salt, pepper and oil. Grill the steak for approximately
3-4 minutes on each side, until rare. Remove from heat and allow to rest in a warm place.
5. Prepare the salad dressing by mixing the lime juice, sugar, minced garlic and fish sauce until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside.
6. Prepare the salad by combining the banana flower, green papaya, shallots, herbs, ginger and chilli. Toss with the dressing.
7. Slice the rested sirloin across the grain and lay on a long plate. Top with the banana flower salad and scatter the roasted peanuts over the top. Serve with chilli, lime and salt.

David Ricardo – Executive Chef

Pearl Restaurant
631 Church Street
Richmond Victoria 3121


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