Hopkins River Beef – Rib

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Hopkins River Beef – Rib

Scotch fillet steak (rib eye, rib fillet)

Scotch fillet steak is prepared from a boneless beef rib set. The scotch fillet is found on the back of the animal and runs from the striploin (sirloin) to the chuck. Being a ‘support’ muscle not subjected to the heavy work of moving the animal around, scotch fillet steaks are tender, tasty and moist and perform best with fast hot cooking methods such as pan-frying and barbecuing or stir-frying when thinly sliced.

the perfect steak


Hopkins River Beef Rib Eye


I believe that the recipe for the perfect steak is a piece of Hopkins River beef, the right amount of seasoning, the perfect crust and of course a hot grill. Remember to always rest your steak for a minimum of 5 minutes to allow your steak to absorb its own juice which produces a juicy and perfectly cooked piece of beef every time.

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