Troy and Stacey Hadrick visit Hopkins River Beef


Recently we had the pleasure of hosting Troy and Stacey Hadrick from South Dakota in the USA. Troy is a fifth generation American rancher and Stacey hails from a long history of ranchers also. They are passionate about sharing positive stories about agriculture and are encouraging others to follow their path.

We spent the day with them and showed them around our operation. They saw some of our cattle being loaded onto trucks and we also gave them a tour of the feedlot and composting operations. In the evening we held a dinner on behalf of Meat and Livestock Australia and we invited 25 guests to come to our home for a BBQ giving the Hadricks the opportunity to continue spreading their word.

The Hadricks were on a short tour of Victoria visiting only three farming operations before they headed to Rockhampton QLD where they were talking at a range of seminars during Beef Week 2012.

Troy and Stacey understand the power of Social Media and how it can be a great tool for people in the agricultural sector to tell their story and explain food production. Troy famously made a YouTube video titled Yellow Tail Now Yellow Fail that curved the donations of the Australian company Yellow Tail Wines. Through this experience along with many others they are showing farmers across the world that although we may be isolated we can still have a voice through Social Media.

For more information about the Hadricks visit or follow them on Facebook at Advocates for Agriculture.


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