Adam & Emma from Donovan’s visit HRB

Spotlight on Adam & Emma from Donovan’s


Why are you using HRB?

Emma: The story of pasture to plate. The whole philosophy of their product is amazing!

Adam: Because I wanted to find a product I had not heard a lot about but as soon as I made contact with Claire I was impressed with their knowledge and existence of their product and from tasting the product it is very unique. Very good.


Funniest kitchen memory?

Emma: When the waiter asked me “Where does the Tasmanian Salmon come from?”

Adam: My apprentice asking me “What is the white Broccoli called?” I said Cauliflower!!


Favourite meal?

Emma: A good T-Bone on the BBQ

Adam: Slow braised Rabbit with olives and fennel



Emma: Cooking (of course), Pottery and Bikram Yoga

Adam: Football and Cycling

What is on your Xmas menu this year?

Emma: Rib Eye’s, Lobster and lots of salads

Adam: Beer and good times!


Six people you would like to have to dinner?

Emma: My family and new born nephew!!

Adam: Cadel Evans, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pier White, Jennifer Hawkins, Steve Johnson and Justin North


What have you most enjoyed about your visit to the farm today?

Emma: The hospitality, conversation and wonderful people

Adam: Good Conversation!

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